awkward simply define by me is where you face uncomfortable situation and you feel unease. an for me a very awkward situation for me is surrounded by strangers. when i have to attend an events or seminars, or doing something that is out of my comfort zones, or when i want to make a good first impression and found myself lost of words. That is A.W.K.W.A.R.D.

I,myself is an awkward person. in addition to that i’m an introvert. i always felt suffocated whenever i have to deal with a stranger. there’s a nerve inside of me that would scream NO!NO!NO! and my brain would quickly shutdown and hide in a dark corner. That’s how i felt when i have to face a group of people.

however, over the past of years, i’ve learnt that you have to FAKE it till you make it. after all, that stranger also may felt the same as you and he/she also a human being. it is not easy, but i can assure you, when you go through the day of meeting new strangers, you will feel great. BECAUSE, it’s like you have overcome your fear and accomplished something that day. even though, others may belittle that accomplishment, let them be. don’t let any negativity enter your circle.

let me share you  some cheats that i always use, whenever i have to face a complete stranger. JUST SMILE and greet them. sometimes it’s good to prepare yourself with information and some q’s.

I may not be the best model, but it’s a part of learning process and i’m still on that journey to become a better person. ADIOSS 🙂