Panggilan Scammer

24 May 2018

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Sekitar pukul 11.30 pagi, saya menerima panggilan dari nombor +478933992. Saya angkat panggilan tersebut, dan terus disambut oleh seorang pegawai. Pegawai tersebut memperkenalkan diri nya , Imran bin Ahmad dan mengatakan beliau adalah Pegawai Kastam, cawangan Kedah. Beliau bertanyakan, apa urusan saya. Saya cakap , saya tak tahu, saya hanya angkat panggilan dan terus di “direct” kan dengan beliau.

Beliau meminta nombor IC saya, untuk proses checking. Tidak lama kemudian tu, beliau mengatakan saya mempunyai tunggakkan GST sebanyak RM90k+. Saya pertahankan diri, dalam masa yang sama rasa curiga dengan panggilan tersebut. Saya meminta butir-butir seperti no badan beliau.

Beliau mengatakan, sebelum ni, surat amaran telah di keluar kan sebanyak tiga kali. Saya cakap, saya tidak menerima sebarang surat. Beliau cuba mengesahkan alamat rumah tersebut dengan saya. Saya cakap, saya tidak tahu menahu tentang alamat tersebut, sebab saya menetap di Penang.

Beliau meminta saya untuk buat satu laporan polis dan terus menghubungkan saya dengan Pejabat Polis di Kedah. Tengah duk bercakap dengan pegawai polis tersebut, saya meminta nama Pegawai tersebut dan nombor badan serta no pejabat. Saya letak telefon dan terus google nombor kastam , 1 300 88 8500 .

Saya bercakap dengan Pegawai bernama En Zahrul. Pegawai tersebut mengesahkan panggilan tadi adalah palsu, sebab pihak kastam tidak akan meminta sebarang maklumat sulit dari kita. Beliau menasihatkan saya untuk membuat laporan polis.

Pukul 12 tengah hari, saya terus ke Balai Polis terdekat dan memaklumkan kepada Pegawai Polis Zuriati. Pihak polis cakap, tak perlu buat sebarang laporan, sebab saya tak memberi sebarang butir peribadi lain seperti nombor akaun, salinan IC kepada orang tersebut.

Kesimpulannya, lepas ni, kalau ada pihak bank/kerajaan yang offer pelik2, nak letak je terus.




awkward simply define by me is where you face uncomfortable situation and you feel unease. an for me a very awkward situation for me is surrounded by strangers. when i have to attend an events or seminars, or doing something that is out of my comfort zones, or when i want to make a good first impression and found myself lost of words. That is A.W.K.W.A.R.D.

I,myself is an awkward person. in addition to that i’m an introvert. i always felt suffocated whenever i have to deal with a stranger. there’s a nerve inside of me that would scream NO!NO!NO! and my brain would quickly shutdown and hide in a dark corner. That’s how i felt when i have to face a group of people.

however, over the past of years, i’ve learnt that you have to FAKE it till you make it. after all, that stranger also may felt the same as you and he/she also a human being. it is not easy, but i can assure you, when you go through the day of meeting new strangers, you will feel great. BECAUSE, it’s like you have overcome your fear and accomplished something that day. even though, others may belittle that accomplishment, let them be. don’t let any negativity enter your circle.

let me share you  some cheats that i always use, whenever i have to face a complete stranger. JUST SMILE and greet them. sometimes it’s good to prepare yourself with information and some q’s.

I may not be the best model, but it’s a part of learning process and i’m still on that journey to become a better person. ADIOSS 🙂

Travel & Review :Taman Negara Pulau Pinang

Hi Readers,

Recently I went for a walk to Taman Negara Pulau Pinang (TNPP) . It is located near Teluk Bahang. If you like activities like jungle trekking, viewing natures and enjoy gorgeous beach, well you might want to visit this beach.
It takes me about one hour to reach Taman Negara Pulau Pinang by car. But it’s kinda fun, because you’ll pass through busy cities to a peaceful bliss as Taman Negara is quite far from the cities.
While driving you could see Penang’s, as it takes you from highway feel to normal traffic roads. You could see hawker’s alongside the road, temples, Penang’s school and you could see all sort’s of activities that Penangties does. Then, you will reach beautiful beach and hills. Alongside the road, you could make a stop to popular destination’s such as Batu Feringghi, Penang Butterfly Farm and etc.
Upon reaching the destination, there’s a car park located nearby TNPP entrance. It will cost you RM3.00/entry/day. But if you on budget or a cheapskate like me, just park nearby the road. (But at your own risk :)) If you want to experience boat service from TNPP to the Monkey or Kerachut beach, there’s a lot of boat services nearby the TNPP entry.
Before doing any activities at TNPP, you’ll need to register at counter for safety purposes. At the counter, there’ll be a map post, public restrooms and surau.
Park Entrance
Map Post
You can plan and choose which trail that favor you the most.  As for me i choose to trek from the entrance to USM/Cemac (Pantai Teluk Aling). It is located 1647 km from the entrance and it took me about 30 minutes to reach our destination.
Here is some pictures that I take:
A guide post. I took the on the left which direct me to Teluk Aling.
There’s a few benches a longside the trek which you could take a rest and just enjoy the views.
Wear appropriate clothing and shoes. As you can see, the ground have many roots and branches.
We finally arrived at Teluk Aling Beach. The scenery is breathtaking and gorgeous. It just make me say “wow”. U could bring a simple BBQ tools, or bring some foods, and enjoy picnics with friends and family. You can swim and play in the water, but i must warn you, there’s no facilities for changing room/restroom.
The water is clear, and you can even see small fishes swimming around.
It’s a very enjoyable experience for me to see such well preserved beach in Penang. Till then, thank you for reading 🙂
*TNPP closed at 5pm
*No entry fee at current moment
*Please don’t throw your garbage everywhere. Throw it in a bin that has been provided along the trek.